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Free Additional Driver Car Rental UK

Whilst you're in the UK renting a vehicle is the best ways to guarantee you can travel without having to wait for public transportation, not only does it give you the independence to come and go as you please, it gives you the possibility of exploring our many beautiful towns and villages.

Now I don't know about you, but whenever I go away on holiday and rent a car, I end up burdened with most of the driving, which I don't mind, but occasionally it would be nice to be a passenger. Typically most rental companies will charge anything up to 10 per day for an extra driver. So at the Car Rental Centre we have asked our providers to offer "free extra drivers" which some have said yes, which is great news for you and your pocket.

Which car's come with the free extra driver

Simple just take a look at this picture, if you see the red tile saying free extra driver it mean this supplier is giving you the choice to add the free extra driver when collecting your car.

Of course your additional driver must be eligible to rent the car, be over 25 years of age etc., and must be present to sign the rental agreement.

This article was written by Jason Smithers