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Car Rental From London Heathrow Airport Car Rental

Getting a great deal on your car rental when landing at London Heathrow Airport is essential. That is why we have introduced our simple-to-use car rental search tool. We compare major car rental brands worldwide to find the best deal for you and your family. Not only do we save you time, but we also save you money on your car rental.

You Can Book Your Car Hire in Heathrow Airport LHR in three simple steps

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  • Choose The Right Car For You, At The Best Price, Then Enter Your Details On Our Secure Car Rental Booking System.
  • Your Car Rental Booking Is Confirmed On Screen Right Away, with no waiting around. All done instantly.

All of our suppliers are stringently checked to ensure only the companies that meet our exacting requirements and standards are displayed, giving you total peace of mind knowing your rental will run as smoothly as possible.

The Car Rental Centre is a family-run business which has been arranging car rentals for over 18 years; we pride ourselves on honesty, integrity, and complete customer satisfaction. Without you, the customer, we would not be.

Our company aims to arrange your car hire at the best price whilst visiting Heathrow Airport, and for you to be over the moon with the service and recommend us to friends and family so our car rental business continues to grow.

If anything goes wrong at any time, you are only one call away from getting it sorted. That is our cast iron promise to you.

Once you have booked your car rental, the car hire booking confirmation is displayed on the screen instantly, so you can print this off and save it for when you arrive at Heathrow Airport.

If it is a last-minute car rental deal you are after, we are the car rental company for you, as we offer cheap car rental deals for late bookings and one-way car rentals.

Hey, and do not be surprised if our company founder and owner Jason gives you a quick call to introduce himself; he loves to talk to clients for their feedback and opinions on how we could improve our services to you.


Car Rental from London Heathrow Airport
London Heathrow Airport is one of the busiest airports in the world, and it's a great starting point for exploring the UK. If you're planning on renting a car, there are a few things you need to know.
First, you'll need to decide what type of car you need. If you're only planning on doing some city driving, you can get away with a small rental car. But if you plan on longer road trips, you'll need a large rental car.
Second, you'll need to decide how long you need the car hire. If you only plan on using it for a few days, you can get a good deal on a short-term car rental. But if you're planning on using it for a week or more, consider a long-term car hire.
Third, you'll need to decide where to pick up and drop off the car. Most rental car companies have offices at London Heathrow Airport, but you may also be able to find them at other airports or train stations in the UK.
Once you've decided on the type of car, the length of time you need it, and where you want to pick it up and drop it off, you can start comparing prices. There are several different rental car companies, so shopping around is essential to get the best deal.
That is where our car rental comparison deal check can help. We take all the hard work out of finding the best deal on your London Heathrow Car Rental.
Here are a few tips for finding the best Heathrow car rental deal:
Book your car in advance, especially if travelling during peak season. Car rental rates at London Heathrow can move around depending on the time of year, and the busier Heathrow Airport is, the more you will pay. We offer only the very best car rental deals at London Heathrow Airport.
We compare prices from different Heathrow rental car companies. We do all the hard work for you and check all the big car rental names and what car rental deals they have on offer at London Heathrow Airport. 
We always look for discounts and promotions on Heathrow car rental deals, which gives you the best chance of saving money.
Our long-term car rental deals at Heathrow are really good if you're going to be using the car for a week or more. We offer some of the best prices and deals at LHR.
Here are a few of the most popular rental car companies at London Heathrow Airport:
Avis Car Rental Heathrow Airport Terminal 5
Address: 276 Bath Road Holiday Inn Heathrow Airport, 276 Bath Rd, West Drayton UB7 0DQ
When you arrive at London Heathrow Airport Terminal 5, please make your way to the Avis car rental bus stop 25 (which is located on the arrivals level of Terminal 5) and take a short journey on the cobranded Avis Budget shuttle to their location at the Holiday Inn Hotel London Heathrow
Avis Car Rental Heathrow Airport Terminal 2, 3 and 4
Avis car rental for Heathrow Terminal 2, 3 and 4 is located on the airport perimeter and is open 24 hours a day, so you can collect and drop off your hire car at a time to suit you. To make your journey as simple as possible, they also have many dedicated Avis Budget cobranded shuttle buses which will take you on the short journey to and from Terminals 2, 3 and 4.
If you’re at Terminal 3 you can jump on the free shuttle from bus stop 17 and from Terminal 4 it's bus stop 2. If you land at Terminal 2, you can take the shuttle from either bus stop 7 or 8.
Enterprise Rent A Car London Heathrow Airport 
When you arrive at London Heathrow you can proceed to the rental branch via the Enterprise shuttle bus service. This shuttle service also serves Alamo Rent A Car Heathrow and National Car Rental Heathrow. The service operates every 5 minutes from outside the arrivals hall at all Heathrow terminals.
Terminal 2: Please locate bus stops 7 and 8  Ground floor outside the arrivals hall.
Terminal 3: Please locate Bus stop 17 and 18 As you exit arrivals, head past the exit ramp to the end of the terminal building. Leave the terminal using the doors on the right-hand side.
Terminal 4: Please go to stop 2 As you leave arrivals, make your way to the exit located near the underground tube station, then turn right out of these doors.
Terminal 5: You will need bus stops 26 and 27:   As you clear into the arrivals area, head past the Costa Coffee and Marks & Spencer’s store. Take the exit doors next to Cafe Nero and then cross to the 2nd lane. You will then see the Enterprise Alamo National Car Rental Shuttle Bus. 
Hertz Rent A Car Heathrow Airport
To get to the Hertz car rental Heathrow from the Terminals, take one of their free shuttle bus services:
From Terminal 2: Bus Stop 7 & 8
From Terminal 3: Bus Stop 21
From Terminal 4: Bus Stop 2
From Terminal 5: Bus Stop 26 & 27
Europcar London Heathrow Airport
Europcar operates a free shuttle bus service from all Heathrow Airport terminals.
Terminal 2-Proceed to bus stops 7 or 8 outside the arrivals hall
Terminal 3-Proceed to bus stops 17 or18 outside the arrivals hall
Terminal 4-Proceed to bus stop 2 outside the arrivals hall
Terminal 5-Proceed to bus stops 26 or 27 outside the arrivals hall
What Type Of Cars Can I Hire From Heathrow Airport?
At Heathrow Airport, all our car rental providers have a wide range of car hire options to choose from:
Electric Vehicles Heathrow Airport 
Have some fun and Go fully electric with an electric car hire from Heathrow. Our suppliers offer many EV car hire deals on cars such as the Polestar 2 or a Tesla Model 3, VW ID 3 and 4. If you are planning on spending time in London these options are perfect for avoiding congestion charges within the city. There is no shortage of EV chargers in London if you decide to rent an EV car from Heathrow Airport.
SUV car hire Heathrow
Great on country roads and they always come with loads of space to carry a large amount of luggage.
Family car hire Heathrow Airport
Choose one of our family car hire deals at Heathrow, and you will be able to fit them all in with luggage. Our suppliers have many options from all the best car manufacturers and names you will know and trust. Comfort is important when renting a family car, chose from our many family car rental deals that fit your budget.
Compact car hire Heathrow Airport
Our compact cars are great for short-term car rental deals when you’re visiting the City. They are compact which makes them a great choice for navigating some of the smaller roads and parking spots in London and other cities, also great for fuel consumption, and a great car rental deal for the shorter rental term. 
Economy Car hire LHR
The clue is in the name this is a budget car offering our best deal in a car that will get you where you need to go in comfort but at a really good price. 
No matter which rental car company you choose, we always display fine print before you book so you won’t be caught out at the rental desk. This will help you understand the terms and conditions of your rental, such as the mileage allowance, the insurance coverage, and the cancellation policy.
Renting a car from London Heathrow Airport is a great way to explore the UK. With a little planning, you can find the best car rental deal and get on the road to your next adventure.
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Other Road Laws
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By following these tips, you can help to keep yourself and others safe on the roads in the UK.

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